5 Important Criteria to Choose a Product Filter App in Shopify

Shopify product filter is a fantastic tool for any business, but choosing the right one can seem overwhelming for shop owners. With so many different things to consider – from the filter options to other advanced filter features – it’s easy to get confused, especially if you’re not familiar with setting up one.

How do you know which Shopify product filter and search tool are the best for your store? It all comes down to 5 things. Let’s take a look at these criteria in-depth.

What is a Shopify Product Filter?

Shopify product filter, or Shopify sidebar filter, is the menus of different product specifications on the side of an online store that let you narrow down your search within a specific category. They’re like a sieve, filtering out all the uninteresting or unwanted products.

Shopify product filter allows users to find a product based on a list of criteria, such as brand, color, size, and material. To understand how it works, let’s say you sell t-shirts. Your customers will be able to use the app to filter the t-shirts displayed on your online store by brand (GAP or Zara), color (black or white), size (Small or Medium), and material (cotton or polyester).

Shopify product filter

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5 Important Criteria to Choose a Product Filter App in Shopify

The More Filter Options Ready for you to Customize, the Better

There are many different kinds of products and complexity levels of product specifications for customers to search for, so it’s important to make sure that your Shopify product filter can encompass all of them. For this you can use Shopify Product Reviews Apps. If you need to narrow down your search even further, there are also a lot of niche Shopify product filters that allow you to add in as many criteria as you want.

For example, if you have a baby store, you can choose to filter your products by age (baby, toddler, or infant), gender (boy or girl), and items such as clothing (shirts or onesies) and toys (keep in mind that some of these options might not be offered by all product filter apps).

The Filter should be Easily Customized

The filter should be easily customized
Boost provides you with limitless options to customize your product sidebar filter

You might want to make sure that you have the option to customize the filter in any way you like. Having the option to change things up is important for drawing in more sales and keeping the user experience on your site high. You should also make sure that there is an option for turning on or off any of the filter options on the product page, wherever you see fit.

Not Only Easy to Set Up, but a Shopify Product Filter should Also be Easy to Use

Even though many people are using mobile devices to shop online more frequently, the majority of folks still use desktop computers to browse when they search for a product. That means that you have to accommodate both types of users with your Shopify product filter. That’s why you should opt for one that’s mobile-friendly, desktop-friendly, and responsive so that it doesn’t restrict you or your customers from being able to use it no matter what device they’re on.

It Drives Effective ROI for Your Store

A good product filter app should allow you to create a custom-looking interface without breaking the bank. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to choose the most budget-friendly Shopify filter app and skip other robust features a premium app comes with.

Be smart in your strategy. There are many cost-effective Shopify product filter apps out there that can give your site a boost in sales and can make up for its price. Clarify which filter options and customization are needed on your Shopify store, so you can pick the one with a reasonable budget for your business.

It has an A-Team Customer Support

One thing to keep in mind when comparing product filter apps is not only the way the application will work with your online store. You’ll want to choose a Shopify filter app that has a dedicated customer support team who is available whenever you shout them out.

The reason is that it’s not always easy to set up a product sidebar filter on your own, especially when you are more familiar with simpler tasks like product listing, not something technical like product filters.

Why Choose Product Filter and Search (PFS) by Boost?

Product filter

Consistent Brand Looks and Feels on All Devices

PFS by Boost allows you to specify a default color for your product filter and even customize the text size of the app to match your site. So, you can make your product filter look great on all devices, regardless of whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer.

Provide Almost-All Powerful Filter Options and Display Settings

Boost provides you with a comprehensive product filter that helps your customers find products quickly and easily. Because the filter is so powerful, you can customize how it works to meet your unique needs. Not many Shopify filter apps can equip your store with such details in filter options.

Your customers can narrow down the products by selecting from the thousands of categories in your store. The filter page also provides a great way to showcase related products. This all leads to a significant lift-up in sales and customer loyalty. Don’t believe us? Just watch our case studies.

Equip Your Site With a Sale-Driven Product Search Function

Thanks to advanced features such as Autocomplete, Search Merchandising, Synonyms, Suggestion Dictionary, etc. you can show the most relevant search result to your customers. Boost did a great job in upgrading the Shopify default search bar with advanced algorithms and functionalities so you can leverage your sales.

Our app covers all search types from Search as you type, spell check, typo tolerance, full-text search, and fuzzy search with a mindblowing speed to ensure your store a seamless search experience. We also take care of the No Search Results Found page so you don’t miss out on sales opportunities.

Provide Insightful Reports and Metrics About Customer Behaviors

Provide insightful reports and metrics about customer behaviors

PFS by Boost provides you with a wide variety of metrics that help you understand your customers better. These metrics include the most searched product filters, sales generated via product filters, top search terms, and more.

You can categorize these data by collections to know your customer’s search intent better.
Leverage promotion on your online shop with merchandising tool

PFS by Boost also gives you the option to add promotional items to your product filter and search bar via our intelligent merchandising tool.

You can set up rules to prioritize product display in search results to align with your marketing campaigns, from promoting a specific collection using product’s details such as size, color, inventory status, etc., or promoting products in search results with search ranking rules. All merchandising settings can be scheduled with a specific time range or done with keyword matching.

If you need help with setting up Merchandising for your promotional campaigns, you can always reach out to our Support team for instant assistance.

Wrapping Up

There are many many different options out there when it comes to the best Shopify product filter, but if you want to find the perfect option for your online store, then look into PFS by Boost and give it a try. With a feature-rich product filter tool and limitless possibilities in optimizing your store sales via product filter and search, plus a professional interface that looks great on all devices, you can sit back and watch sales flowing into your store.

Just one-click installation. 14-day trial with all premium features waiting for you!

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