5 Effective Ways to Help Someone with Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental condition you should take seriously, or it will make your life miserable. But, if you take safety measures or get support, then you won’t have to worry at all. Now, if your family or friends are suffering from anxiety, then you can help them the way I showed you. Or, you can take them to the doctor so that they can have treatment-resistant anxiety.

How Can You Help Someone with Anxiety?

You can follow my guide to help those who are suffering from anxiety:

1. Don’t Pressure Them
If you really want to help them, then try not to put pressure on them to do more than they feel comfortable with. However, it’s really significant to be patient, listen to their wishes, and take things at a pace that feels okay for them. Now, it’s comprehensible to want to help them face their fears or find practical solutions, but it can be very worrying for someone to feel they’re being forced into situations before they feel ready. It is going to make their anxiety worse. So, try to remember that being incapable of controlling their worries is part of having anxiety, and they aren’t choosing how they feel.

2. Try to Understand

You must have to understand them in order to help them properly. You can consider these points:
• Research about anxiety and try to find out as much as you can. It will help you understand what they are going through. Reading personal stories of anxiety can help too.
• You can also ask about their experience. Besides, you could ask them how anxiety affects their day-to-day life and what makes it worse or better. Listening to how they experience things could help you to empathize with how they feel.

3. Ask How You Can Help

It is also a good idea if you ask them how you can help them. Now, your friend or family member may already know how you can support them. For example, you can help them with hard situations, talking to them calmly or doing breathing exercises with them.
If you ask them what they need or how you can help, you can support them to feel more in controlling themselves. It is a great way to help because knowing that there is someone around who knows what to do if they start to feel panicked or frightened could help them feel safer and calmer.

4. Support Them to Seek Help

So, you think your friend or family member’s anxiety is becoming a problem for them; you could inspire them to seek treatment by talking to a GP or therapist. You can help them arrange a doctor’s appointment. At the same time, you can also help them to attend an appointment.

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5. Look after Yourself

It could be really hard for you sometimes to support someone with a mental health problem – you are not alone if you feel dazed at times. It is vital to remember to look after your own mental health; too, so you have the energy, time, and space you need to be able to help.

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These are the ways you can use to help those who are suffering from anxiety and need your help. But, if you think the situation worse, then take them to the doctor.

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