5 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Living Space

Organized, clutter-free living space is more than just a pleasant sight for homeowners. It may also help inspire creativity and even boost productivity. And if you live in smaller spaces, making sure it’s free from clutter will help maximize the little space you have more efficiently. 

However, if you’re thinking that decluttering is so easy that you can just start throwing things into the garbage then rearrange what’s left—it’s a lot more than that. Organizing needs a lot more time and effort, and it all starts by deciding which items you want to dispose of first. 

Once you’ve decided to eliminate junk, make sure they’re disposed of properly through professional waste removal services like the ones at www.samedayrubbishremoval.com.au. This is especially important if you’re getting rid of electronics and other materials that may contain hazardous substances, and therefore require special handling to avoid potentially dangerous accidents.

Moving on to decluttering your living space, if you need some inspiration to get started, here are 5 creative ways to help you: 

  • Start Small, Then Go Big!

If you’re having a hard time getting started, begin with the small items first. Small items are what tend to create more clutter as they’re easily overlooked. So, although they’re small, they can make a big difference too.

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However, if you tend to put a sentimental value on old items, even if you no longer use them, it could hold you back from decluttering efficiently. This is the hardest part of decluttering because you may not be able to let go of the things that had a previous value; and hold on to it as if it’s something you still need, even if that isn’t the case.

If sentimental clutter is your problem, avoid looking back once you’ve thrown out items you’ll no longer need. You can also give the item away to someone else, perhaps a family member. This can help you avoid the tiniest sentimental value you have towards an item you probably haven’t even looked at for a year. 

Once you’re done with all the small items, move on to the bigger ones and just follow the same tips—let go of your attachments!

  • Organize Faster With Labelled Boxes

Throw, keep, move, give away—these are just some of the labels that will help you organize the decluttering process faster. Sort items directly into these boxes as you go through each one of them. This will also serve as your guide after decluttering, so you can proceed to your next steps right away and not get stuck in trying to decide what to do next.

If you choose to donate items that you no longer use but are still in good condition, keep an eye out for donation drives. It’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone: clearing your space and at the same time, helping another person who may be in need. 

  • View Your Room From A Visitor’s Point Of View

If you’re still not happy with your first attempt at decluttering, try to have a look again with fresher eyes after some time instead of making another attempt right away. 

When you’ve been out for a while, perhaps from taking a long walk or a run, or just getting back home from work, try to take pictures of the area you’ve tried to declutter and see how the details appear as an image. It may help you see your place from another person’s perspective. This can be useful especially when you’re always home, and no matter how you look at it there’s seems to be no improvement. 

You can also just ask a friend to have a look for you. Another person may see what you could have missed and might be able to provide you with more useful insights. Combining your ideas with their suggestions may also give you more satisfactory results.

  • Make It A Part Of Your Workout Routine

If you do fitness exercises regularly, you can creatively incorporate decluttering into your routine. For example, you can stretch, squat, and do breathing exercises while you’re sorting and moving things around so you’re burning extra calories. 

  • Reward Yourself

A good way to motivate yourself is to celebrate little victories. Even the tiniest bit of achievement will give you the push you need to continue moving forward. Have a cup of coffee after the first half, eat a piece of chocolate, or sneak in a little dance while listening to music. These may help make the chore more enjoyable and may even help reduce stress at the same time.

The Takeaway

It’s not easy to reorganize your living space, but with patience and some creativity, the process can be enjoyable and rewarding too. After all, your living space should make you feel at ease and help you relax when you need it the most. 

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