4 reasons to choose a PPC agency instead of a freelancer for your campaigns!

For many business leaders, the question of who to entrust with the responsibility of campaign management is a major dilemma, given the finite nature of their resources: a PPC agency or a freelancer?

When it becomes clear that in-house capacity is not sufficient to grow, either professionally or in terms of numbers, the idea of outsourcing services arises. Entrusting the running of a company to outsiders is both a question of trust and a decision with implications for the future. When should you outsource PPC? Who should you outsource it to? These are the questions we address in this article.

Marketing and getting started

For a start-up business, it is not necessary or even worthwhile to hire a professional to handle marketing, although some basic knowledge is still necessary to get off to a good start.

However, if you want to grow quickly and are not in the mood for experimenting, you should definitely hire a qualified expert to do the marketing. If the effectiveness of your campaigns is not good enough, and you feel that the time you spend on marketing could be better spent on activities closer to your heart, it’s time to start outsourcing!

PPC agencies vs freelancers

With PPC, or click-based advertising platforms – Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bing, Yahoo – you only pay for targeted prospects, so it’s quick to reach and measurable, so campaign results can be accurately tracked.

The PPC agencies’ team of marketing professionals with professional expertise (e.g. Facebook Ads audit service) can provide clients with a high level of professional campaign management, while freelancers/freelancers are contracted as one-person subcontractors.

Other differences:

  • Experience and expertise: one agency provides complex expertise in several areas.
  • Communication: PPC agencies have someone to delegate to during sickness or holidays, whereas personal communication with freelancers can be difficult.
  • Scope of services: freelancers usually work in one area, while agencies work in several. Choose Selector Digital Marketing Agency’s services in PPC campaign management, design, web development, search engine optimization, lead generation, marketing automation solutions and social media communications for full-service support.
  • Speed and workload: a freelancer is focused on his clients, but has a limited capacity, unlike agencies, where there is sufficient capacity for an urgent or even gigaproject.

Which one should you choose?

It varies from one company to another, depending on the priority. Freelancers can be much cheaper, while agency complex systems can be more expensive.

However, it should not be overlooked that successful online marketing requires not only PPC but also other areas of online presence, a coordinated approach and a team of experts can better support this.

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