3 Ways AI can Make Your Home Happy

How do you know if your home is making you happy? If you’re like most people, you probably feel lots of different emotions at home, from joy to stress. Now imagine trying to quantify these emotional states so that a robot could understand how you’re feeling and try to make your home more comfortable. That’s the vision of a “Smart” Home, devices based on conventional artificial intelligence platforms for houses that creates an environment to bring ease and convenience to user’s lifestyles thus making them happy and satisfied. But before we talk about artificial intelligence and how it’s helping to create smart and happy homes for us, we first need to understand the underlying technology and inception of AI.

History of AI

A lot of people believe that artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for ages. But in reality, AI was invented only 100 years ago. In the early years, it was the British scientist Alan Turing who first proposed the concept of artificial intelligence. He was a key figure in the development of computer science, and a pioneer of artificial intelligence. But it was not until 1956 when a professor of computer science, J. Alan Robinson, published the paper Programming a Computer for Playing Chess, which became the seed for computer automation that was the first time when AI was widely discussed.

Modern AI research began in the mid-20th century and experienced a boom in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was propelled by the development of increasingly powerful computers, and a growing understanding of neuroscience. The goal was to create machines that were more intelligent than humans. As the 20th century drew to a close, the field took a turn away from its original goal. Instead of making machines smarter, researchers began working on making them aware, and even self-aware. By the last decade or so the field of artificial intelligence has blown up and is not only restricted to sophisticated machines but most of its applications are directed towards general consumers.

AI in Current Landscape

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and is seamlessly integrated with different walks of life. For most people, AI conjures up images of futuristic, humanoid robots walking around in the streets of major cities. This sounds absurd today although, this might be a reasonable expectation for the future, AI is already here and helping to shape up our lives in many ways. In fact, AI is already a significant part of daily life, and it will likely continue to grow in relevance and importance. We see that iIn today’s world,  when the internet is readily available to the masses and is way cheaper than it was ever before, have a look at some amazing deals currently run by Spectrum.

Cheap easily available internet along with the combination of AI is helping up shape the society, today we have smart personal assistants, AI-based home automation, self-driving cars which seemed like a thing from science fiction but are now much prevalent in today’s world. Companies like Tesla, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have done extensive work on AI and are making products that are within a general user’s reach. These products are helping us do day-to-day tasks with ease and convenience reducing workload and doing tasks much more efficiently than a human. Here we’re going to talk about certain products that are used in homes and are making household chores much easy for a regular consumer thus making them happy and content while doing so.   

Smart Home Automation

One of the most commonly used AI technology in many households today is Smart Home Automation systems. Smart Home Automation or SHA is the integration of various home automation technologies into a single system for easy control and monitoring from one central device over the internet. For example, it can be used to control lighting, thermostats, windows, doors, heating/cooling systems, security, and other systems using a single controller or remote which is often a smartphone. Home Automation systems have robust AI that sense user patterns and control the house appliances accordingly, paired with motion sensors it can detect the presence and control the lighting, thermostat, and many other house features. 

Imagine a house with a Verisure security system that not only alarms you when an intruder tries to enter your home, but also sends a text to your parents or children to alert them.

Locking and unlock has also become smart and efficient as the auto-lock system automatically locks the house when there is nobody in. Plus advanced security features can detect a break-in and immediately notify the house owner and emergency authorities of the danger the same technology works if there is any damage like a fire in the house. These smart home automation systems are not only helping us ensure the security of our houses but the smart detection system and control of appliances are also allowing efficient use of electricity thus cutting the cost and increased savings on high energy bills.

AI-based Home Cleaners

Only a decade who would have thought that we will have smart home helping machines that would be doing simple house chores like cleaning, washing, and lawn mowing but today this has manifested into a reality. The most common example of this is Roomba AI bots. Roomba AI is a robot vacuum cleaner with smart technology and artificial intelligence, which is able to find its way into a room and clean it automatically this lot of intelligent robots can learn to change their cleaning pattern based on what it finds in the room, field or windows providing an efficient cleaning part that is sometimes even better than its human counterparts. These gadgets are also significantly reducing the workload of humans allowing them to focus on more important tasks than vacuuming their homes. 

Smart Personal Assistants

We are living a fast-paced life in which time is money, there are so many things a person handles in any given amount of time that at one point it becomes too much. In order to solve this specific issue, smart personal assistants were introduced. These AI-based programs work like any personal assistant and allow you to take care of a lot of things simultaneously without any stress. A smart personal assistant can handle a lot of chores for us like: listening to favorite tracks, smart scheduling, answer questions, smart reminders, keeping track of our health and sleep patterns, or even be a pet in times of distress. Today we have many smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google’s assistant.

All these applications work over the internet and are voice-controlled. The smart AI-based assistants are not only helping us with our work but are also allowing us to keep a balanced control of our personal life. The best thing about these assistants is that they can seamlessly connect to other smart gadgets at home like home automation and home cleaning systems allowing users to control all these things through a single piece of equipment adding additional ease and convenience promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle. 


AI is often perceived to be destructive towards mankind however in the current scenario we are witnessing that the situation is quite opposite. Since AI has arrived now it has seamlessly integrated with our day-to-day chores and is helping us create a better environment and happy lifestyle by reducing our workloads, keeping us safe, and providing us with means of entertainment with ease and convenience. 

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