3 Reasons Why New Casinos Establishing In India Should Be Licensed

In the gambling market, we find casinos whose brands enjoy prestige and an unblemished reputation. However, the growth of the industry in the digital world is threatened with each new day, a contradictory fact as it is one of the most prosperous industries in India.

In recent years, the emergence of new online casinos has increased considerably, since the demand of users around the world increased after the appearance of the COVID pandemic, a fact that led people around the world to socially distance themselves. While this is good news for the casino gaming industry, it is also bad news, as scams for novice Internet users have increased.

Therefore, the future of online casinos is threatened. And to curb these threats, organizations such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) have presented several informative statements, confirming that they have revoked the license of 12 new online casinos, a decision that they had to make after having thoroughly analyzed these casinos and verifying that they did not make fair transactions with registered players.

However, the solution to prevent further irregularities concerning online casinos is to regulate the situation of the industry by granting valid licenses. This way, the online gaming industry will be able to:

1. Prevents users from being scammed

This is one of the points that worries the gaming sector the most. Among the information disseminated by MGA, there are online casinos that have falsified their license and scammed users who, due to ignorance of the sector, fell into their traps, generating a very bad experience and causing more damage to the image of the industry in society.

The MGA constantly monitors the casinos that operate under its license, so that they are providing optimal customer service while paying users fair. If suspicious transactions are discovered, the casino will be blacklisted and the license will be immediately withdrawn.

2. Promotes responsible gambling

Online casinos that operate officially have programs that prevent gambling problems, that is, they are committed to responsible gambling, detecting in time possible cases of users who may be presenting problems. In the absence of regulated casinos, this problem will continue to exist in society, as illicit platforms cause more harm than good to players.

3. Protection of user data

Illegal casinos, without official licenses, in addition to scamming users with their payments, also steal player data. These platforms operate in a suspicious way, so they do not have cybersecurity programs and they violate the law. As there are no agencies to monitor them, they commit fraud of all kinds, including the sale of confidential information to third parties.

In short, the only way the online casino industry can combat the problems that affect players so badly is by licensing. Only with the regularization of the industry, online casinos will be able to provide a comprehensive service, taking care of the cyber security of gambling players. A fact that will also bring benefits to the economy, since it is a rapidly growing industry.

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