3 Incredible Road Trips from Denver

Planning a US itinerary is not an easy task. And, everyone will create their own, adjusting it for the time of year and their fellow travelers. The only difficulty with the preparation is the excess of places a man needs to visit. It is possible to travel around the USA all-time long if there is money and vacation. Here, we will give you some routes from Denver and hints to make your journey successful. Get ready!

From Denver to Mountain Evans

That is a picturesque city with the rich natural diversity of the South Platte River, High Plains, and the Rocky Mountains. Besides, Denver received the name of The Mile High City because of its location of one mile above sea level. That means that you should prepare for the deviations in air pressure and adapt your body to it. Read some tips on that issue because that may be challenging for some people with special health conditions. Take care of yourself! 

Denver is the capital of Colorado state, the center of its economic and cultural life. Like in other states, you can come to local services and pick up a vehicle. How old do you have to be to rent a car in Colorado? Although residents can get driving licenses at 16 yo, car rental is possible at 21 yo. Taking a rental car under 25 yo people is with additional daily charges.

 Thus, do it and explore it for some time and then drive to see Mount Evans. You will navigate along the highest mountain road in the entire country. From Idaho Springs, pass by beautiful Echo Lake to Mount Evans. Such places are not for climbing but for peaceful entertainment. The alpine-like pastures will meet you there! You will enjoy the panoramic scenes from the top of the hills to the green valley. 

Besides, the diversity of indigenous wildlife will become a big surprise! Mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and marmots live there. When gearing for the retrieve to that area, think of taking weekdays and early mornings. That will help you to avoid meeting crowds of tourists. Weekends are the most popular there. Take the course on State Highway 5, which is seasonal. The driveway is closed during the wintertime and opens at the beginning of July. Track valid information on the official sources as long as the opening dates depend on the weather. Do not forget to take some water and sandwiches. 

Denver-Kansas City

There are many roads from Denver to Kansas City. By choosing each of them, you will get an unforgettable tour. Here we offer to turn to Interstate 70 West. You will drive across Grinnell, Salina, and Topeka. The entire trip will last about 9 hours without stops. However, we recommend not hurrying but enjoying the desert, views, buildings, and local attractions. 

 The legal age to rent a car is 21 years. Thus, Denver car rental is to your services.

Start with observing Denver and go on driving the I 70-W. Note that there are many hotels on the route for travelers. Thus, you can arrange your trip for as long as you need. For example, your first stop is in Grinnell. That is not a big city with no prominent tourist places. However, the most important is the landscapes. Feel the spirit of the wild west, talk to locals, and see their houses and churches. Take a walk on the numerous trails. Then, navigate to Topeka, the capital of Kansas, located on the river banks. You can find different activities there.

Learn the history and culture of locals with the numerous museums such as the Kansas Museum of History and the Evel Knievel Museum. Add a drop of walks to the State Capitol Visitor Center and enjoy the Zoo and Conservation Center. After that, drive to Kansas City on the beautiful Missouri river. The city has several, unlike districts. Each of them is interesting and unique. Come to the central business district with lovely art deco buildings. Then, attend Vine Heritage District. In the first half of the twentieth century, jazz music clubs promoted a new culture of Afroamericans. Feel the beat!

Denver – Albuquerque

This road trip will take approximately 7 hours. Choose I-25 S, check road conditions before your trip, and head to Colorado Springs, bordered by the Rocky Mountains. Indeed, that destination is tourists’ heaven. Besides, it is the country’s recognized capital of winter sports. Visit the landscape park Garden of the Gods and replicas of manitou rock dwellings. As long as that place was the home to ancient Indian tribes, you will get a study their life.

After that, you should hit the road to the largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque. Enjoy walking down the Old City. When you take your meal and want to see some nature, go to Sandia Peak and Elena Gallegos Open Space. If you take some time to prepare for the trip, you can see the festival Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It goes in October annually. Check the schedule.

We are sure you will like this land no matter what route you choose. Use our tips and add your interest to make your journey unforgettable. Have a great time in sunny Colorado! 

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