3 Funny LUVME Wig fit for lady

1. Bob lace front wigs:

Bob lace front wigs are all the rage. Bob lovers love to invest in bob lace front wigs because they look more natural and can be quickly installed. You can get top-notch quality bob lace front wigs from luvmehair. Luvmehair ensure the quality of the wig and lace so the lace didn’t tear off easily. They are made of virgin human hair so they last longer and give a natural finish like natural human hair.

Installation Process:

Here we’ll discuss the installation process of bob lace front wigs. It can be installed quickly but you need to focus on minor details for long-lasting installation.

  • Firstly, bleach the knots and pluck the hairline if not done before.
  • Now put on the wig cap and wear your bob lace front wig.
  • Adjust it over the head in the right portion. It comes with an elastic band so the wig can lay flat and remain secure and won’t slide back.
  • Bob lace front wig can be installed glueless. But you can use adhesive spray that can hold your hair down and in place and gives a wig a melted appearance.
  • The first step is to cut off the excess lace so the wig can lie along the hairline naturally.
  • Remember, the wig must be of your head size so it can seem flat and smooth and it didn’t overshadow your natural hairline.
  • Now set the wig along with the hairline and use a hair spray that contains adhesive.
  • Use spray along the hairline so the wig can seem super flat and smooth.
  • Wipe the excessive liquid spray and set the wig on the area of the hairline and use blow dry to dry out the spray.
  • Use blow dry at a cool setting and let the spray dry and gives flawless look.
  • Now create a middle part by using the comb, wax stick, or edge tamer to get a melted flat look.
  • Then you can use an eclectic hot comb to get a final melted smooth finish.
  • Now you can create some swoops of baby hair and sideburns according to your liking for a natural subtle look.
  • You can tie the headband over the hairline to make the lace super melted and smooth for a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can curl or straighten your bob lace front wig.
  • For a more realistic look, you can touch up your middle parting by applying concealer, contour, or foundation that matches your tone.
  • It will make the middle hairline more clearly like a natural parting.
  • The concealer will conceal the color lace and make exact of your tone and your bob lace front wig is installed.

2. Closure wig:

The temple-to-temple installation of the closure wig makes it a hot favorite. It’s super easy to install and maintain. The closure wig from luvmehair has excellent quality because it’s made from virgin human hair. To maintain the quality of the wig you have to pay heed to care of the wig.

If you want to keep your closure wig as new then you must know the proper way to wash the wig.

Washing method:

Let’s get into the washing process of the closure wig.

  • Before washing the closure wig, you need to detangle it before. For detangling your closure wig you can use a wide-tooth comb or detangle spray. Make sure the wig is tangle free and ready to wash.
  • Firstly you need lukewarm water to wet the closure wig.
  • Apply a high-quality shampoo that is specially made for wigs and free of harsh ingredients like parabens and sulfates.
  • Gently wash the wig to ensure there’s no dirt left. Remember not to rub the closure wig while washing.
  • Rinse out the shampoo and it’s time to apply a rich amount of conditioner to the closure wig. You can also use a deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner for great results. But never apply conditioner on roots or wig cap.
  • Again rinse the closure wig generously with clean water.
  • Never twist the wig to remove excess water but you can put it on the wig stand to let the wig air dry.
  • When your closure wig is completely dry you can store the wig properly.

3. Deep wave wigs:

The thick and bouncy density of deep wave wigs makes it prominent among wigs. Curl lovers can surely get a hand on deep wave wigs for a thicker and fluffy look. If you’re looking for a reputable source to get deep wave wigs then just knock at Luvmehair.

Luvmehair has high-quality virgin hair-made deep wave wigs. Their deep wave wigs last longer and didn’t shed. The great news about luvmehair is that their wigs are highly affordable and available in a wide range. Must check out the collection of deep wave wigs from luvmehair, you gonna love them.

Detangle the deep wave wig:

If your deep wave wig has got tangles, we‘ve got a solution for it. Let’s get into the process.

  • Firstly, put your deep wave wig on the wig stand so you can analyze it properly and have the necessary tools in your hands.
  • To make the detangling process easy, you can divide your deep wave wig into sections and secure them by pins.
  • Now take a high-quality detangling spray and spray it on each section of the deep wave wig generously.
  • Start detangling your deep wave wig starting from the first section. You can use a wide tooth comb or for worse tangles, you can use your fingers.
  • Does the whole process patiently and never pull or tug the wig. It can lead the strands to shed.
  • For tight tangles, you can also use a hair conditioner saturated with water and apply it on the tangled area.
  • Deep wave wigs can take time to remove tangles because of high volume and fullness but have patience and use detangling spray over and over again for tough tangles.
  • After removing the tangles from one section of the deep wave wig you can comb it by using a wide-tooth comb.
  • Repeat the same process on other sections of the deep wave wig as well until you get tangle free deep wave wig.
  • Once you’re done with removing all the tangles from the wig, again comb the wig starting from the ends and going towards the roots.
  • Now you can wash your deep wave wig and after drying the wig then store it with proper care.