2023 Ice Hockey World Youth Championship Winner: Preview

The Youth Ice Hockey World Championship will be held from December 26, 2022 to January 5, 2023. Matches will be held in the Canadian cities of Halifax and Moncton. 10 teams will take part in the competition, which will be divided into two groups. The strongest fours from each quintet will form the quarter-final pairs, and the fifth-placed national teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

Bookmakers believe that the main contenders for the championship title are Canada, the USA, Finland and Sweden. By studying in detail each of these national teams, one can come to the conclusion who will get the gold medals. Askiyalar accepts bets on this event.


The Canadian youth team has become the strongest on the planet 19 times in history and in the future draw can get the 20th championship title. In addition, at the last youth world championship, the “maple leaves” took the “gold”. At the group stage, the “red-white-blacks” will play in the “A” quintet with the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Austria. Canada should not have any particular difficulties with reaching the playoffs.

Last year, Dave Cameron’s wards played seven official matches and won all of them. Six wins were in regular time, and in the final of the MFM-2022, the Finns were defeated in overtime. Now Canadian hockey players will try to get gold medals again. In addition, the tournament will again be held in the homeland of the “maple leaves”.


Bob Motzko has been coaching the U.S. youth team since 2016. Led by the Minnesota native, the team won the MFM twice in 2017 and 2021. At the same time, both times the gold medals were mined by the Americans in Canada. This season the Stars and Stripes will play in Group B with Latvia, Finland, Switzerland and Slovakia. The US roster is competitive and this team can go far enough.

It will be extremely difficult to overcome Canada “Yankees”, but the North American representatives are able to reach the final.


Finnish hockey players will play in the “B” quintet at the future world championship. At the group stage, Suomi will have to meet with Slovakia, Switzerland, Latvia and the USA. Finland is in a position to finish in first place in the group, while the main competitor for the Europeans will be the Stars and Stripes. In the playoffs, the Scandinavians may well reach the semi-finals. But to compete for gold medals, as in the past year, the “young lions” are unlikely to succeed.

The Finns will bring a competitive squad to Canada, but it will be extremely difficult to impose a fight on the North American teams.


“Three Crowns”, according to the bookmakers, have the same chances of winning the tournament as Finland. At the same time, the “blue-yellow” ones are inferior to Canada and the USA in terms of quotes. The last time the Swedes won the IIHF World Youth Championship was in 2012 in Calgary and Edmonton. Since then, “tre krunur” have won three “silver” and two “bronze”.

The youth team of the Scandinavians has not shined at international tournaments in recent years. So this time Sweden is unlikely to reach the final. At the same time, the Europeans may well repeat the scenario of the last world championship and take the bronze.

Our forecast

Canada has a strong squad and will be extremely motivated to win the 20th anniversary title. In addition, the Red-White-Blacks will play with the support of their native audience. Due to these advantages, the Maple Leaves should win the tournament. The US has potential and the Yankees are quite capable of reaching the finals. In addition, “silver” for the Americans will also be a good result. European teams do not look too powerful. So the Finns and the Swedes are likely to converge in the battle for bronze medals.

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