10 Tips for Fast Money Making in WOW Classic TBC – WOW TBC Gold Farming

If you need enough WOW Classic TBC gold to buy epic flying mounts or gear up characters, in this article, thanks to Classic WoW Curios, here are 10 tips for fast gold making in WOW Classic.

10 Tips for Fast Money Making in WOW Classic TBC – WOW TBC Gold Farming

1. Ring of blood

As a new player to Classic TBC with no gold, one of the first things you want to do is to finish the Nagrand Ring of Blood Arena questline, doing this will give you about 66 gold if you’re not 70 and a further 63 gold if you’re 70 and also a bunch of other really good and valuable items to sell on the auction house, not to mention the awesome selection of weapons to choose from.

2. Questing at 70

Speaking of quests, finishing every quest in Outland will reward you with around 6 to 7 thousand WOW TBC gold at level 70, but quests will give you less gold if you do not max level so if you leveled exclusively through questing its probably going to be around 3 thousand gold, either way, you should knock those remaining quests off to get some decent amount of starting gold.

3. Unidentified plant parts

While leveling in Zangar you’ll come across Unidentified Plant Parts, which are turned in to an NPC in the Zangar March main hub in exchange for some plants and Cenarion Expedition rep up to honored, those will give their maximum value early on in the expansion and will probably drop in value overtime so sell as many as you can early on.

4. Sporeggar rep items

Some other valuable items in Zangarmarch early on are Bog Lord Tendrils, Glowcaps and Fertile spores, those are all used to get reputation with Sporeggar, a faction that sells some decent items but most importantly the Petrified Lichen Guard shield which is going to be a very important item for prot paladins.

5. Hibiscus farming

Another item used to level the Sporegarr reputation is the Sanguine Hibiscus, those can be picked by any player inside the dungeon Underbog, but the most efficient way to do this is with a class that can stealth like Druids or Rogues, you don’t need to have herbalism by the way to grab these and they will be on high demand too.


GDKPs are still going to be a thing in TBC, for those who don’t know GDKPs are raids where you can buy items with gold, but most importantly in our case, where you can also make gold, the gold is put in a pot at the end and split across players and there’s going to be a lot of GDKP happening in TBC so join some of those with your alts to get a lot of gold.

7. AH Flipping

Auction House flipping is probably the lowest effort but highest rewarding thing you can do to make gold in WoW in general, the idea is simple but the execution is hard, buy an item when it is at it’s lowest price, wait until it goes up in value and flip it for a profit, you can do that for example by buying a reagent that will be used for an upcoming patch in the future.

8. AH Crafting

Similar to flipping we have Auction House crafting, the idea is that you buy the reagents to craft an item with a given profession and then sell that item on the auction house for a profit, the only time cost from your end is a few clicks to buy the reagents and craft the item, a really good addon that makes this super simple is TSM, we will talk about every profession in a moment tho and the best ways to make gold with them.

9. Leveling boosting

Boosting is still going to be a thing in TBC, let’s start with level boosting, simply get 4 other low-level players to pay you a certain amount of WOW gold classic in exchange for you to boost them in a particular dungeon, the simplest dungeons to do that on is Stockades or Ragefire Chasm but you can do that in any dungeon really.

10. Arena boosting

A new form of boosting that will appear in TBC is Arena boosting, although this will be harder to pull off with the new MMR system Blizzard is introducing, people will still pay a premium to be carried by experienced PvP players to get their Gladiator rewards, the sky is the limit here with how much gold you can make so if you’re an exceptional PvP player consider this.

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