10 Questions To Test Your Amazon PPC Specialist’s Expertise & Skill Sets

Determine the legitimacy of your Amazon PPC expert with the following questions. Let’s see whether they live up to what they advertise!

Long gone are the days when Amazon retailers have to take care of the entire ad campaign on their own. Now, businesses can outsource their marketing sector to a reliable expert, who will take over everything from planning, monitoring, and reporting the effectiveness of each ad.

However, there have been many so-called Amazon specialists who turn out to be no one but an amateur digital marketer. They aim at swindling money out of naive sellers instead of bringing in profits.

Therefore, before you decide to hire someone, do not refrain from asking them these questions and see how they respond.

1. If I have a limited budget, should I go for an up & down dynamic bid?

Up & down dynamic bid grants Amazon the right to alter the amount of money you offer for each click, depending on how well your ads perform. When the conversion rate is low, Amazon will automatically lower your bid, thus saving you money.

But if the ads are excelling and bring in orders by orders, the algorithms end up pushing your bid to earn a higher rank on the search result page. In most cases, the cost can be twice as expensive!

Therefore, businesses with little cash to spend on marketing are advised to shy away from up & down bids.

2. Which metrics should I pay attention to when measuring the effectiveness of an Amazon PPC campaign?

First of all, have a look at your clickthrough rate and conversion rate. These numbers indicate the level of interest of potential customers towards your ads and how much percentage is willing to place an order.

Next up, check out the overall ad spend and ad sales. From there, you can calculate the Amazon Cost of Sales, or ACoS for short. A healthy ACoS is between 15 to 20%, where the money spent on ad placements is gradually balanced out by the revenue your ads manage to acquire.

3. Should I use high-volume keywords alone in my listing?

While the frequency of keywords appearance is important in determining how shoppers view a certain product, you do not have to rely solely on them. These keywords tend to be highly sought after, meaning you have to compete with bigger brand names in attracting customers.

Instead, let’s not forget lower-volume, more niche-inclined keywords. Admittedly, they are not as popular, but they can make your web page stand out and target a specific section of customers.

4. What is Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads best for?

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads are a banner placed at the top of each search result page, which features a brand name, brand logo, tagline, and most prominent listings.

While they are not efficient at converting sales and drawing in new customers, these ads are perfect if you want to strike an impression with potential buyers and double down on brand recognition.

5. Why does my ad only have a few impressions?

If your ad does not expose to as many Amazon users as initially expected, chances are you have evaluated incorrectly and bid on the wrong keywords. When the keywords do not match the shopping behaviors and mindset of your target audience, your ads will not pop up frequently due to lack of demand.

6. Is it acceptable to price products much lower than my competitors?

It is tempting to offer your items as cheaply as possible to gain more conversions. However, if the price gap between your listing and that of other opponents is too high, customers may end up questioning the quality of your products and hesitate to place an order.

Furthermore, undercutting your competitors may result in a loss in revenue since your profit margin is compromised.

7. Why do I have to read the customer reviews of my competitor’s products?

Customers often give the best insights into the characteristics of each product. By looking at how your target audience assesses your competitor’s catalog, you can easily spot their strengths and weaknesses.

This way, feel free to take advantage and outperform your opponents where they are lagging behind.

8. Where can I get information regarding which keywords are trending?

Amazon autocomplete feature is a great way to start. For example, if you type “best earring” in the search bar, the platform will suggest various phrases to complete the keyword, like “for women” or “fashion women.”

But for further data, you must get to other third-party websites and extensions that allow a comprehensive analysis over Amazon keywords. Jungle Scout, Sellics, Semrush, and Keywordtool are just a few companies that provide Amazon sellers such valuable observations.

Not only will you get to learn which terms and phrases are associated with what products, but you can also measure how regularly they are used and by which stores.

9. Between Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC, which one is better?

Amazon SEO is all about increasing your store’s organic desirability, while Amazon PPC needs a financial incentive to work properly. When it comes down to their effectiveness, there is really no definitive answer.

Depending on which stage your business is in and what your goals are, each approach will give you different benefits.

10. How many keywords are needed in an Amazon PPC campaign?

The number of ideal keywords varies from one campaign to another. But on average, most experts recommend an application of 50 keywords maximum for each ad group and 100 keywords maximum for the entire campaign.


Finding a trustworthy Amazon specialist to optimize your ad campaign is not an easy task, especially when you are confronted with so many choices. If this is the case, why not have a look at Olifant Digital?

With years of experience and training in the field, our team of digital marketing experts is more than willing to assist you with your business. Check out the website and see for yourself!

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