10 Maternity Wear Wardrobe Essentials & Must Haves

Gone are the days when baby bumps used to be hidden behind baggy clothes, now the trend and need of the hour is to flaunt your baby bump in dressing which is stylish yet comfortable. So, while being pregnant do dress yourself in relaxed and fashionable clothing for everyday office, market visits or to get yourself pictured with a baby bump, as a souvenir of memories of pregnancy. Along with fashion, comfort is of utmost importance during pregnancy days. So, in dressing what is best is to match pregnancy comfort and pregnancy fashion as per your own style. While deciding on pregnancy wear do take care of budget, season etc. as these clothes will be used for a brief period of time.

Here listing a few of Maternity wear essentials which are loved by most pregnant women. Do stock your wardrobe with a few basics and be ready to mix and match to have a stylish pregnancy.

1. Maternity Dress

It should feel effortless and comfortable, especially to carry out daily activities, be it home or office. As per personal style and choice one can opt for Knee length, calf length or ankle length. While deciding on maternity or everyday dresses look for natural fabric cotton, soft georgette fabric and rayon which is comfortable, flowy, and easy to wear. Look for designs which give space around the stomach to accommodate growing belly.

2. Maternity and Nursing Dress

These dresses have hidden zippers which can be used later on for feeding. Choose for a relaxed fit which will drape beautifully over your curves also allowing space for movement and have comfortable sleeves. All this makes these dresses ideal during and after pregnancy. Check out Maternity & Nursing Dresses.

3. Maternity jeans

A basic denim can look effortless chic on anyone for most occasions, same goes in pregnancy. Maternity jeans are designed specially to give max belly support. Choose to buy one basic maternity blue jeans which can be paired with a top, t-shirt etc. Check out Maternity Denims & Dungarees.

4. Printed Maternity blouses/Tops

Blouses with flares around the waistline and arms look very stylish and comfortable to accommodate a growing belly. Even one can opt for a peplum top in dotted, stripes or floral prints. Check out Maternity & Nursing Tops

5. Cotton t-shirt/Buttoned shirts:

Buy some in size up, long stripes, loungewear tops and funky prints to look extra trendy during pregnancy. If you can add a dash of style, you can even rob your husband’s wardrobe for the same. Buttoned shirts can be paired with tank tops.

6. Maternity leggings

Spandex is the favorite of every pregnant woman, for the support and durability it offers. There are so many comfortable leggings available specially for maternity wear. Buy one or two in dark colors- blue or black preferably as they will go with most other colors. If you are regular to gym or exercise do invest in a pair or two of maternity loungewear/ Athletic clothing.

7. Maternity jumpsuits/ Dungaree

They look super stylish on their baby bumps. Do have one for a photoshoot if you plan to have one. But don’t plan to wear them for long hours as they might not be comfortable for wearing for long and may be a hindrance for frequent loo brakes.

8. Maternity panty / Extra padded

As we are talking about frequent Loo breaks. Do prepare yourself for little leakage in the third trimester which can occur with mild coughing and laughing too. Invest in comfortable cotton underwear with extra padding for the third trimester. Check out Nursing & Pumping Bras & Overbelly Panties.

9. Oversized Cardigan

For layering for protection for winters, buy a few oversized cardigans with buttons. Check out Maternity Winter Wear options!

10. Party wear maternity dresses

Depending on what you’ve got planned for the latter weeks of your pregnancy, you also might want a fancier dress suitable for a wedding, maternity photoshoot, or your baby shower. Frills and net gown look very cute on a baby bump. Do invest in one for before and after baby shoots too. Check out Maternity & Baby Shower Gowns

Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it fits fine, has comfortable fabric and be confident to flaunt your baby bump during pregnancy. Make your pregnancy extra special by dressing a bit special every day.