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Everybody knows how popular sports are and it increases every day. When you are watching a game (it can be of any sport) we root for a particular side. It can be due to any personal reasons or statistical ones, we like to predict who will or might win? Isn’t it? Well, from this basic thought process betting started. Who will win? The prediction and analytical skills just might get you the correct answer but there is a luck factor working too.

So betting is relevant in all kinds of sports. But among the rest, แทงบอล is the most popular and by far the most interesting. Almost 40% of the money is generated through bettors in football, imagine the popularity and engagement of the people? It is totally off the charts.

How แทงบอล works? 

Well, แทงบอล is no rocket science, it’s simple to understand. The bookmakers would set an event like the number of offside, goals, corners won, chances won, etc., and provide the odds for you to bet. Also, the winning stakes are increased if there is an important match like Semifinal or a final game. Some websites provide special offers on winnings as well. So, after betting, you wait for the results. If you win, you get your stake money plus the winning from the odds.

Types of แทงบอล

There are several types of แทงบอล and probably more will be introduced sooner or later.

  • Match bets – This is the easiest and fundamental thing to bet on, that is, which team will win the match. You can choose for the home or away team and select the win, draw or lose odds. The bets are paid after the match is over that is, after 90 minutes. If the scores are tied like 1-1 or 3-3 you will win if you had placed the bet on the winning odd (even if the game has gone up to the extra time or penalty).
  • Bet builders – It is also known as the same game multi as you can bet on several things in one match. The bet works on several outcomes in a single match like the number of substitutes, yellow cards, red cards, player injured, tackles, goals, etc. So, if you are knowledgeable about both the teams you can place small bets on it to win a better sum.
  • Player stats – As the name says, this type of bet is based on the player attributes as chances created, fouls made, shots on target, the goals scored and many more based on what the bookmaker decides. But one should know about the player better before playing this kind of bet.
  • Accumulators – When you place pets on multiple teams and you are very sure that they are going to win or lose, use the accumulators. They will take the bets won from the first bet and will multiply (double or triple as per bookmaker) then, will place that money on the second bet and consecutively multiplies like this.
  • Win cast – This type of bet involves selecting the goalscorer and the match results together.
  • Next Manager and Player odds bets – Not only the match events are taken into account but also, the Manager who might be sacked or who will be the new manager is a source of bets. The same goes with the players, which player will stay or get transferred and into which club are included in these types of bets.
  • Asian handicap bet – A handicap bet is introduced to rule out the draw from the picture. In a handicap bet, you have to choose the bookmakers’ choice of events to overcome the possibility. For example,

Barcelona +2 Real Madrid -1

So, let’s say you bet on Barcelona. You win if they win, but you lose the bet if they get lost by three goals or more. If they lose by one goal or it results in a draw, you will win. Interesting isn’t it?

  • European handicap bet – It’s almost the same as the Asian handicap except that this bet includes a draw column as well. For example,

Barcelona +2, Draw -1, Real Madrid -1

So, if you bet on Barcelona you win if they win. You also win if they lose by one goal or results in a draw.

Choosing a draw means you win only when Real Madrid wins by a single goal.

And lastly, if you go for Real Madrid, you will win, only when they score more than two.

How to choose and earn value from แทงบอล?

So, there are a lot of types to choose from, how can you choose from them? It is a tough job to narrow it down. But here is the list of factors you shouldn’t miss.

  • Anyone can predict and analyze the game thoroughly but what will happen is unpredictable. No one knows the factors that might motivate or displease a player. So, going by statistics is step one, and next, it’s all about your luck.
  • The beginners should always go for simple bets that are easy to understand like the Match bets. Don’t go for a huge amount of rewards in a complicated bet. And simple bets have very little to lose (if you are in a bit of bad luck) so choosing them is the safest option that is available.
  • Always choose the familiar matches or leagues. Do not place bets for a team or league you don’t know about. If you are familiar with and watch La Liga regularly, then invest in your La Liga team or favorites. Don’t go for a Premier League match to bet on.


แทงบอล can be fun and it also gets you the pseudo feeling of a manager (you analyze everything, isn’t it?). As long as you choose a good website like ufabet, bet365, etc. and you have the idea about the bet it’s relatively easy to go for. People from all over the world enjoy แทงบอล and with the basic knowledge, anyone can play it. It is one of the most engaging and thrilling interests in betting.

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